4 Things You Didn’t Know About Judas Iscariot

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Judas Iscariot is a well-known figure in Christian history for betraying Jesus. However, there are some interesting facts about him that many people don’t know.

1. His Name and Background:

The name “Iscariot” probably tells us where Judas came from. It likely means he was from a town called Kerioth in Judea. This is important because most of Jesus’s disciples were from Galilee, which is a different region. Being from Judea might have made Judas see things differently from the other disciples. This small detail helps us understand that Judas was unique among the apostles.

2. Trusted Role:

Judas was the group’s treasurer, which means he was in charge of their money. This job was very important because Jesus and his disciples needed money to buy food and help the poor. By giving Judas this job, Jesus showed he trusted him. This role is important because it shows that Judas was a trusted member of the group, not just the betrayer.

3. Why Did He Betray Jesus?:

People have different ideas about why Judas betrayed Jesus. Some think he was unhappy with Jesus’s peaceful approach and wanted him to lead a rebellion against the Romans. Others believe Judas wanted to push Jesus to show his divine power more openly. Another idea is that Judas did it for money, as he was paid thirty pieces of silver to betray Jesus. These different theories show that Judas’s actions might have been influenced by a mix of reasons, not just greed.

4. What Happened After:

The Bible tells two different stories about what happened to Judas after he betrayed Jesus. In the book of Matthew, Judas felt very sorry for what he did. He tried to give back the money and then hanged himself. In the book of Acts, it says Judas bought a field with the money, and then he died in a terrible way where his body burst open. These different endings show that early Christians struggled to explain Judas’s fate. Over time, the name Judas became a symbol for betrayal, and his story has been told in many different ways in art and literature….Díscover Moré

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