41 Years After Winning Miss Nigeria, See The New Look Of Helen Prest Ajayi (PHOTOS)

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This is the real definition of Ageless beauty.

Do not refresh your screen, do not rub your eyes twice : you are looking at one of the most beautiful woman in Nigeria of all time who have seemingly not aged a day in years.

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At first sight, you will think she is in her late 20’s. This is because stylish and beautiful beauty queen Helen Prest Ajayi glows radiantly.

Helen will be 60 years old but doesn’t look anything close to it. Shw won the prestigious Miss Nigeria crown in 1979 at the tender but age of 19. Fourty-one years after, Helen Prest Ajayi is still looking flawless.

Back then in the 70’s, Helen was one of the most stylish women. Her style was the model for ladies who aspired to be like her at that time.

Helen wasn’t just beautiful but also intelligent. She studied law at the then University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University. While in the university, out of excitement, she contested for the Miss Nigeria Pageant and emerged as the winner in 1979.

Fast Forward to this day, Helen looks still look beautiful. It is the wish of many women to age gracefully like her. She is an intelligent lawyer and mother of three

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Her beautiful daughters

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