5 Countries In The World That Do Not Have Any Military (Photos)

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1. Tuvаlu

Tuvalu is a sovereign island nation within the Commonwealth of Nations that declared independence from the United Kingdom in 1962. The country has not had a standing military since that time. However, the country has a small police force that includes a maritime surveillance unit to ensure internal safety.

2. Dоminiса

The island nation of Dominica in the Caribbean Sea has been without a regular armed force for the past forty-one years. Of course, the Regional Security System is in charge of defense.

3. Liectenstein

Lieсhtenstein is a German-speaking country between Switzerland and Austria. One hundred and fifty-four years ago, the country’s standing military was abolished because it was too expensive to maintain. Since then, the country has been without a standing military. The only time an army is permitted is during war, but war has never broken out.

Lichtenstein’s police force consists solely of a police tactical squad armed with small arms to carry out internal security duties. Switzerland and Switzerland provide defense assistance to the third country as part of a formal agreement between the three nations.

4. Sаmоа

Samoa, a Polynesian island nation between Hawaii and New Zealand, has been officially militarily neutral from its inception. As far as internal security goes, all that the country has is a small police force and a maritime surveillance unit. In accordance with a Treaty of Friendship signed in 1962, New Zealand is responsible for the protection of the country.

5. Аndоrrа

Independent Andorra is a landlocked country in Europe’s northeast that is bordered by France to the north and Spain to the south. The small volunteer army is strictly ceremonial.

France and Spain provide defense assistance and protection for the third country as part of an informal agreement between the three nations…..S££ MOR£

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