8 Football Icons Who Love And Show Off Jesus On The Field (Photos)

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1. Kaka

“My parents always taught me the Bible and its values, and also about Jesus Christ and faith.”

He always stands out either raising his fingers to heaven after he scores or he opens his shirt showing the famous “I belong to Jesus.”

2. Neymar

Life only makes sense when our highest ideal is to serve Christ” is Neymar’s declaration as he is famous for his 100% Jesus headband on different occasions.

3. Cavani

“I am an athlete for Christ. That’s why I play for Him, to give Him glory, to thank Him for giving me the ability to play football” this is by Cavani, the PSG striker.

4. Ighalo

On different occasions, we’ve seen Ighalo in his white underwear declaring his gratefulness for Jesus saying ‘Thank U Jesus ‘ if he doesn’t do that, he kneels , raising his hands to the heavens .

4. Falcao

“With Jesus, you’ll never walk alone” is the open declaration of Radamel Falcao to Jesus Christ.

“I made the decision to follow Jesus Christ and to let Him guide my life, which is where things change. Because it wasn’t about me and my desires anymore, or what I wanted, but about what God’s plans and purposes were for me”he says.

5. Alisson Becker and Firmino

“I give you my failures and I will give you my victories as well” said Becker, while Firmino said “Jesus is love, I can’t explain it… It is enough to trust, to believe in Him , and experience the Holy Spirit” as they were both baptised.

6. Robinho

Very open about his love for Jesus as he has proclaimed the love by his shirt ‘I belong to Jesus’

7. Messi

His tattoo says it all. Inscribed forever.

8. Keylor Navas

“My faith is the most important thing. I believe that, the moment I had a very personal relationship with God and I really knew what his Word said, it was not about religion. It was about knowing that what the Bible tells us is what He has left us…..Sée Móre

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