Are Muslim Girls Allowed To Pierce Their Nose To Beautify Themselves?

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In the name of Allah, The Most beneficent and the Most Merciful. Islam is a good religion that talks about every aspect of human life, if you don’t know anything about Islam, ask some people that know and they will put you through.

Islam values females too much and it permits them to Beautify themselves with jewelry for their husbands alone, Muslim sisters are not permitted to allow another man to see her beauty in any form that is why Islam said all women should be cover their bodies with good clothes.

Let’s talk about what Islam says about Female using Nose piercing, there are different opinions from Islamic scholars concerning this topic.

Some Islamic scholars said

Nose piercing is like changing the creation of Allah as it is considered a kind of mutilation and deforming of the human appearance, and hence, it is forbidden, unlike ear piercing that has been approved by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Moreover, if the Piercing will have some effect on one’s health, it’s totally forbidden to use it

Some other group of Islamic scholars said

If Nose piercing is for the purpose of adornment and not for the purpose of harming or changing the creation of Allah hence, it’s permissible. Also.

if wearing nose jewelry is part of the Muslim culture in that country or town, there is nothing wrong with piercing the nose.

In addition, it’s only permissible if any other man will not be seeing It on her except her husband. (As in the case of a nose ring, unless the woman is wearing a niqab to cover her face, such nose adornment may be visible to any other man except her husband….Séé Mórê

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