At First They Attacked Their Prince For Visiting Nigeria, Then Accused Our Air Peace Airline–Shehu Sani

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In a recent statement via his official X account, former Nigerian Senator Shehu Sani has voiced his concerns regarding the treatment of Nigeria and its citizens by England.

Sani highlighted a series of incidents that happened within a week, raising questions about the relationship between the two countries.

“First they attacked their prince for visiting Nigeria. Then they remembered that Nigeria has not paid the ground rent for its embassy for 20 years. Then they accused our Air Peace Airline of violating their Aviation codes; All happened in one week,” Sani wrote.

Sani’s statements come as a result of growing tensions between Nigeria and England, with recent events bringing controversy and diplomatic questions.

The criticism began with England’s reaction to their prince’s visit to Nigeria, which was met with backlash from some quarters.

Sani further pointed out England’s issues over Nigeria’s failure to pay ground rent for its embassy premises over the past two decades.

Sani also highlighted accusations against Nigeria’s Air Peace Airline for allegedly violating England’s aviation codes.…………..S££ MOR£

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