Before Thinking You’re Barren, See 15 Women Who Gave Birth After So Many Years Of Marriage (Photos)

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To be honest, we all serve a glorious God and a very strong God who is always there for us, no matter what we do.

The family is very saddened by the feeling and the pain of couples who have been married for years without giving birth and they pray earnestly to give birth to a child. It’s a very difficult thing, but with sincere prayers and fervent fasting, then the Almighty God has his ways to do his miracle.

And some couples don’t even go through the turmoil that some have been enduring as they welcome the child only months or a year after marriage. A happy home always consists of kids as the kids complete a house, don’t let a couple tell you they’re happy without kids, they may be happy but it’d never be full happiness as they’d be yearning for their kids particularly when they visit friends and see kids running around the house.

The Men can at least have the power to restrain themselves, but the Women are still the poor ones, as they are afraid of so many things that they have different thoughts that they are likely to be barren, their husband will go out and impregnate another lady or pressure from her in-laws.

It’s hard for real but no matter what, never lose hope that the Almighty God will one day respond to your earnest prayer and everything you ‘re wishing for in life. So, before you think you ‘re barren, see these 15 women who gave birth after so many years of marriage that some have gone over 3 decades before they finally gave birth, and as God wishes, He blesses them with beautiful infants, twins, triplets, quadruplets.

See them below;

1. A Nigerian woman who has been married to his husband for 27 years became a mother after she gives birth to twins at 57 years of age – 7 years after reaching her menopause stage.

2. After 15 years of marriage Rachel Dickson, the wife of Governor Wike Dickson gave birth of Quadruplets.

3. After 6 years of marriage Feyisara Taiye Adedeji and her husband welcome triplets.

4. Dorcas Osiebo gave birth to this beautiful woman when she was 58 years old and her husband, Christopher Osiebo was 64 Years old. It was after having married for 35 years.

5. A 52-year-old Nigerian lady living in the UK, who has been looking for the fruit of the womb for 17 years along with her husband gave birth to triplets after 17 years of marriage.

6.Omolara Iruhe, this is another beautiful lady, who gave birth after 31 years of marriage at 60 Years Old. She Delivered through an IVF, Mrs. Omolara Iruhe became the oldest IVF mother in Africa.

7. At 52, when some women have already become grandmothers, the case of Mrs. Olukorede Obamo, a teacher in Ogun State, is different. Olukorode who got married 25 years ago just had her first child last week. Like other women in that kind of position, she had visited hospitals, herbal centres and countless other places; yet to no avail. Mrs Olukorede Obamo and her husband later welcomed a child after 25 years of marriage.

8. Another beautiful woman, 52-year-old Victoria Kolo and her Husband Amos Kolo, welcomed their triplets after 23 years of marriage. Five years before she tied the nuptial knot with her hubby, Victoria said God revealed to her in a dream that she would be going through the path of childlessness for 28 years, so she knew it would be a long wait for a child.

9. Margaret Davou welcomed a child with her husband Francis Davou after 38 years of marriage, The baby girl came through Caesarean Section at the Gynaeville Specialist Hospital, now ALPS Hospital, 38 years after they had been married.

10. Margaret Adenuga 68 and her 70-year-old husband welcomed twins after their 43-year marriage.

11. After 16 years of marriage Mrs Emmanuel Ndukwe and her husband welcome twins.

12. After 18 years of marriage Mrs Comfort Timothy and her husband welcome a child.

13. After 18 years of marriage, another woman who is a pastor(Esther)and her husband who is a reverend(Reverend Eseme Unem) welcomed triplets.

14. Mrs Olutubosin, a woman from Nigeria who said she didn’t even know she was pregnant and gave birth after 40 years of marriage when she was 66 Years Old.

15. After 36 years of marriage, a 60-year-old Nigerian woman bore child.

Is God not wonderful enough, if God can do these things for all this people, who are you that he can’t do it for?

For all women out there still struggling to have a child, I pray God Almighty will Grant you your heart desire in Jesus Name

The cry of a child will be heard in your house in Jesus Name.…..Séé Móré

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