Check Out 10 Weakest Militaries in Africa According To The Ranking

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Military strength, air superiority, natural resources, and logistics are only few of the 50 criteria used to determine a country’s position in Global Firepower (GFP).

The US-based firm says a score of 0.0000 is perfect.

This list of African countries contains those with the lowest-ranked militaries

1. Liberia

With a strength rating of 8.5213, Liberia ranks last among all African nations. It is ranked number 35 in Africa and number 138 worldwide.

#2 Somalia

The Somalian armed forces are ranked 139th out of 142 worldwide. The power index is 11.8854, which is quite strong.

Thirdly, Sierra Leone

With a global power index of 7.5206, Africa is in the 34th position. His current global position is 137 out of 142.

Fourth, Central Republic

The armed forces of the Central Republic are rated 33rd in Africa (with a score of 5.2184) and 134th in the world (out of a total of 142).

5. Gabon

It has a global power index of 4.7871, placing it at number 131 out of 142, and 32nd in Africa.

Sixthly, Burkina Faso

They have the 31st best armed forces in Africa and the 130th best armed forces worldwide. They have a global influence score of 4.7216.

Seven: Madagascar

According to a recent study, Madagascar’s power is just 30th in Africa and 128th in the globe. Indice of World Power = 4.4351

8 – Namibia

Power With a worldwide power score of 4.3496, Namibia is ranked 29th in Africa. The military is positioned at position 125 out of a possible 142.

Nmero 9: Maurtania

In Africa, the military is ranked 28th. A 4.3067 value for the Global Power Index. Powers has an international ranking of 125.

The 10th spot goes to Eritrea.

At 4,1541 strong, the Eritrean Armed Forces are the 27th strongest in Africa. Powers was ranked 124th overall…..DISCOV£R MOR£

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