Check Out The Buffalo, The Armored US Military Vehicle And Its Sensitive Use

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Bomb detection technology relies on either bulk explosives or the remnants of such explosives. Although it’s not easy, the task becomes less daunting when multiple approaches are used. If the conditions are proper, dropping a bomb will set off an explosive charge inside of it and cause chaos.

It’s either dropped from a plane or placed in an exact location. It is generally agreed that the United States military is one of the best in the world when it comes to the application of technology for military purposes. One example of such technology is the Buffalo vehicle.

I’d like to tell you about the Buffalo, a military vehicle used by the United States that has the ability to detect buried explosives.

Any branch of the military can be counted on to use the Buffalo, as it is one of the most cutting-edge military vehicles on the market today. Force protection has created a mine-resistant, wheeled ambush and safety vehicle.

The Buffalo, a wheeled mine-resistant ambush protected military vehicle developed by Force Protection, Inc. in 2003.

The Buffalo vehicle was inspired by the South African SASSIr mine-protected vehicle. Buffalo has a large artillery piece that can be utilised to dispose of ordnance.

To safely dispose of mines and IEDs, personnel operate the Buffalo’s 30-foot robotiс аrm and сlаw from within the armoured hull, utilising a mounted camera and sensory equipment.

The robotic arm can locate landmines and either remove them or place detonation charges nearby. The buffalo can withstand an explosive blast equivalent to 21 kg of TNT. The vessel’s V-shaped hull also helped to protect its occupants by deflecting blast forces away from them….S££ MOR£

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