Dozens Killed, Many Burned Alive As Israel Bombs Tent Camp in Rafah

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A horrific tragedy has unfolded in the Gaza Strip, where Israeli forces bombed a tent camp housing displaced Palestinian civilians in a designated safe zone near Rafah. This unconscionable attack has resulted in a staggering loss of innocent life, with at least 35 Palestinians killed, the majority of whom were women and children seeking refuge.

According to Al Jazeera English, the targeted area, known as Tal as-Sultan, had been established as a temporary shelter for dozens of families who had been displaced by the ongoing conflict. A large container served as a makeshift refuge, surrounded by hundreds of tents housing those who had been instructed to seek safety in this designated zone by Israeli authorities themselves.

Eyewitness accounts paint a harrowing picture of the assault, with reports of Israeli forces “burning people alive” as they launched their bombardment on the densely populated camp. The Gaza government media office has confirmed the staggering civilian death toll and shared harrowing videos depicting raging fires engulfing the site, as paramedics and firefighters desperately worked to confront the aftermath.

This attack is part of a broader campaign of Israeli strikes on shelters housing displaced Palestinians across the Gaza Strip, with similar assaults reported in areas such as Jabalia, Nuseirat, and Gaza City. The combined death toll from these operations has surpassed a staggering 160 lives lost, exacerbating tensions and drawing international condemnation.

Hamas has denounced the Rafah attack as a “heinous massacre,” emphasizing that the Israeli raids were carried out in “complete defiance and disregard” of the International Court of Justice’s recent order for Israel to halt its military operations in Gaza. While Israel has confirmed the attack, claiming to have struck a Hamas compound, it has also acknowledged civilian casualties and initiated an investigation into the incident…..Sée Móre

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