Ever Since Janet Jackson Left Her Muslim Husband See How She Looks Now

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Janet Jackson is one of the most successful female artistes of all time.

Being born as the youngest child in a family where almost everyone was involved in music, Janet Jackson developed her gift to sing at a young age. And as time went by she launched her own musical career.

Janet has released numerous best selling albums, including All For You and Discipline.

She also featured alongside Tupac Shakur in the 1993 blockbuster movie, Poetic Justice.

As an iconic artiste herself and sister to megastar, Michael Jackson, Janet was famous and held breathtaking concerts that left her fans wanting more.

Janet Jackson had been married twice in the past before she met Wissam Al Mana, a billionaire businessman from Qatar.

Initially, it was assumed the relationship was going nowhere until Janet began to appear in public dressed in Muslim attires.

The first time I saw Janet wearing hijab I knew her relationship with Wassam was serious.

To see a famous first class performer like Janet Jackson, who many see as a sex symbol, to dress all covered up was really something. Janet stopped performing wearing revealing attires, saying she’d converted to Islam.

The couple had a quiet wedding and soon had a son.

However, there were speculations the marriage was going nowhere. Wassam wanted a typical Muslim wife, who’d do his biddings.

Janet, on the other hand was an independent minded woman, who felt her husband wanted her to become someone else. She felt she was in prison.

And so the couple separated and subsequently divorced.

Today, Janet Jackson is back to her former self. She dresses the way she used to do before the marriage and organizes concerts, where she is free to express herself as she wants…..Séé Móré

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