Four Hours Interview In Hell (Part 1)

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God’s revelation to a brother whom God revealed to the agony of hell. This is the story, hear from the horse’s mouth. Friends, life is full of experience and what we call a story today was our yesterday’s experience. My story is about my four hours experience beside the bank of hell. I saw this tragic vision seven years ago. But in every which way and in every place ever, I always leave sorrows and tears in the in the faces of the creams of listeners anytime this revelation is told. To a considerable extent, I’m still afraid of what I saw in hell and the people I saw there sharing their experiences with me for good four hours. Too many people in the horror of hell, it is revelation of “had I known.

God has revealed this to me because He wanted those that hear this vision to give up sinning and give in to Jesus. The Bright and morning Star – to warned all men of the reality of hell.

I was born into a Christian home and my parents attended “Corner Stone Mission” in the Eastern part of Nigeria. When i was little bit above the age of accountability, my parents told me to accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord, and that is by confessing and forsaking one’s sins, which I did. But one afternoon while I was sleeping in my room I was catch up to Heaven. I found myself in a glorious body and was marching towards a glittering gate. I felt more athletic in that new body than I do in this mortal one. Looming large on me that the end had come, I wanted to increase my pace; cover a long distance, cross the blissful river some meters ahead of me and enter the city of Heaven. But quite unlike in our world, where the industrialist who commissions the factory, or the individual who oders a bungalow is financially entitled to make his choice of building, I found it pretty difficult to increase or decrease the speed limit on this beautiful river that was gently flowing with the divine scent and peaceful bliss. A glimpse at the gate of Heaven validate the truth of the Biblical accounts of Heavenly Jerusalem as contained in the book of revelation. If the gate of city alone is such a blend of fiery opals, sapphires, costly stones of great price and sparkling diamonds, it is therefore certain that the architectural design of the city is the most splendidly fantastic one, such as is never witness in the earth.

While I was drawing close to this awesome river, one tall beautiful angel, attired in shinning and whitest garment, appeared to me from nowhere. The sight of whose, in no doubt, imported great fear in my spine. Surprisingly however, the angel spoke purely in my dialect and his voice was as deep as the rumbling of thunder. At his back were two wings conjuring an incomparably beautiful scene. I quickly pleaded with fair he should help me in crossing the river.

Don’t be afraid Allen, I have been sent because you you, he said.

I became courageous on hearings this. I love the song I’m hearing afar, with the solemn and peaceful atmosphere “I declared. That is the song of the heavenly angels and the redeemed of God who have completed their assignments in the world and are resting till the morning of resurrection, he answered. Allow me to join them please, I have not heard such a melodious song like this in the world “I pleaded.

Allen you can’t join them now, you still have so much to do for God, you’re going back because you haven’t completed your assignment in the world, said the angel.

As I felt bad by the remark to go back to the world. come and see why you must go back and tell the world the message more passionately. As he held my hand, within a couple of seconds we were on another road. This other road was in sharp contrast to the former one, in that, it was broad and many people who were there were moving fast without taking time to talk to anybody or greet one another.

Who are these people? I asked. They are those who didn’t have time for repentance in their lifetime, he replied.

But permit me to tell them about Jesus before before its too late I pleaded. Allen, it is late already, no preaching is done in Heaven or there in hell. To Everything there’s time. If anybody fails to repent in the world, no matter how he pleads here, his time of opportunity is gone. People don’t repent in Heaven or hell. You will understand better very soon. I will answer your questions when we reach the end of this road, he replied.

I was eager to be at the place the angel was to take me to. Meanwhile, so many people were hurriedly journeying down the valley and the road became darker and darker as we moved down. After a comparatively seven minutes journey ahead, a dull grey bank of cloud began to pile up in our front and there was no light enough to see the people on the track. After this door you will see the abode of the lost souls. These are the souls of those who were careless about their final end when they were in the world “said the angel.

But I’m hearing some horrible noise of crying down the Dale already, I question. yes, that’s were I’m taking you to “replied the angel.

When i heard this I became afraid again. some people you don’t expect are there. The abyss has become considerable enlarged in more recent time, that in every split of second, hundreds of soul rush into it, he added.

But not so many people in the world get as much awaken to this truth as they are conscious of the driving force of the trends of civilization, I confirmed. Yes, you are right Allen, this is so because, at present eight percent of the preachers in the world are doing their preaching for profit making and for gain of money. Pitiful enough, they have so much spread their materialistic Gospel in every city of the world to such a large extent that, millions of people now have feeling that materialism is synonymous with salvation and godliness. They are kin to find more Bible references to defend the preaching of prosperity with less effort to put the lost rich on the narrow way “he answered.

As we advanced, the big iron gate before us opened on its own accord and we passed. We entered this large space where the hell is.

Hellfire is vast and restless, as it emits heat beyond measures, so it’s victims roll up and down, gnashing their teeth in the brutal flame. To see the other end of hell from the entrance gate is impossible. The noise of horror and the scream of pain from the people who are more than the world population is continual.

For in no earthly Empire was so large a population subject to a single emperor and a body of law as the people in the hell are subject to the flame of fire and the does and don’t of the fallen angels inside it. So hell is as terrible as this? Who can tell? I exclaimed with trembling.

That is why you must go back and tell everybody to repent and avoid, “replied the angel. Whatsoever is revealed to you here, take it, go back to the world and tell it, “he emphasized. After this statement the angel disappeared and I became stationary in that point. Friends the human limitation will in no doubt, hinder me from being able to describe hell as vividly as I saw it, no matter how I try.

The fire of hell was as thick as heavy cloud and rolled on its crest like a raging sea from its unknown depth to its immeasurable height. Hidden away in its flame were people of different races and languages, whose sins escaped discovery in the world but became open scandals in the record above. There was neither class distinction nor racial prejudice in hell, because teenagers, young people and the aged were packed together inside it. The terror of furnace was against them for anger. As the fire kept rolling from its far depth, their of sorrow and call for help reached crescendo. As they came up in its troublous tide, so they sank down thousand feet deep again, that for the next thirty or fourth minutes they were buried under this heavy flame. Darkness instead of ray of hope, burning in their brows. They gnashed their teeth in absolute extremities. Friends, no mortal man can explain the horror of eternal burning and the hopeless state of the lost. not even in a token, but rather in large extent, is the theme of single prominent in hell. This is unlike the struggle for freedom an apprentice daily dream of, nor the other a democrat counts as being the best for humanity. It is for the escape, this is what I mean.

The demons of torment in one of the scene I witnessed, I saw one of the fallen demons, some meters away, who presumably appeared to have been assigned the most callous and cruel duty. his visage was of angry look. his voice was husky, his command was masterful, his fury was ignited whenever the network of his forehead did budge out and his countenance wore merciless and vengeance. The index of his many years of heartless service in that region of hell was reflective not only in his skin but in the whole of his teeth that had turned black completely. Besides, his two feet up to somewhere above his ankles were buried away in the heap of sooth that had gradually fallen off his skin and wings over the years, like when a tree she’d off her leaves in autumn. I couldn’t view him beyond his knees, neither know the number of his toes. But in one o glances I cast on his upper region, I discovered that there were more than five fingers in each of his hands.

One finger was like chewing stick in length and as thick as a graduation scroll by a while each of his arms was weaved around by a bundle of muscles, such as is never in possession by any world heavy weight lifted in history. he stood rigidly in a point and was duty – bound to pierce the new comers with a sharp and hot iron dagger in his immortal mark of welcome into the lasting sorrow on every new person just arriving. From the sight, the victims strove and struggled violently to escape, panting and shivering before the pointed edge that aank deeply into the realm of veins and inflicted unspeakable pain that lasted for months.

This is (part 1) of this revelation and part 2 is coming…..Séé Móré

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