Guys, Grab This Lemongrass-dry Gin Combo And Thank Me Later

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A man who does not respond to sexual advances made by his partner, and dodges from showing affection, is said to be frigid and has very low libido. This usually leads to low self-esteem and sometimes depression.

Some affected men, in a bid to save their faces from shame or say get validation from their partners, resort to patronizing over-the-counter libido boosters which eventually leaves them vulnerable to heart infections amongst the many other health risks that comes with such medications.

But you see, nature, no matter how undermined it is in recent times, will keep being and known for what it is. Like I always said, every illness has a cure in some everyday plants we see. And the case like that of this discourse, is no exception.

If for whatever reasons you would want to give naturals a try, then let’s get to work ASAP.

Things needed

– Get lemongrass

– Dry gin

– Salt

– Warm water.


Wash lemongrass with warm water and a little salt, squeeze and shove washed lemongrass into half bottle of dry gin, cover tightly and shake virgorously. Allow for the chlorophyll of the lemongrass to mix with the dry gin. Your drink is ready when color changes to green.

Take a tot, two or even three, depending on your body constitution or how receptive your body is to alcohol. Do this about 30minutes before getting to the ‘field’.

This drink also cleanses the system and cures malaria. For these purposes, take a tot morning and night for 7 days…………Séé Móré

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