“I once steppęd into the ring with Chidinma after giving her diamonds. When I wãnt any wõman, nothing can stóp me because money is not the pröblem.” Wizkid

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Wizkid, a famous Nigerian singer, shares a story about an unforgettable night with Chidinma. He once gave her diamonds as a gift. For Wizkid, money is never a problem, and he believes that if he wants any woman, nothing can stop him.

He recalls a day when he was performing with Chidinma. She flew to their hotel a night before the show just to be with him. Wizkid expresses his deep affection for her, making it clear that his feelings are genuine. After their performance, he gave her diamonds because that was what she wanted. This gesture allowed him to “step into the ring” with her, meaning he could get closer to her. He remembers that night fondly, describing how it felt like diamonds were flying everywhere.

Wizkid goes on to say that he was willing to give Chidinma anything, even children, if that’s what she wanted. He was ready to father as many children as she desired. However, she turned down his offer.

This story highlights Wizkid’s belief that meeting him changes a woman’s life forever. He is confident that his charm and wealth leave a lasting impact on any woman he encounters. This anecdote showcases his luxurious lifestyle and his determination to pursue what he wants, emphasizing his strong personality and unwavering confidence…..Séé Móré

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