If Israel Insists On The Rafah Operation, We Will Freeze The Peace Agreement With Israel – Egypt

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In a recent development, tensions between Egypt and Israel has expanded over the Rafah operation by Israel, reported by Globe Eye News.

In a recent statement, Egypt underlines its firm stance on the matter.

If Israel insists on the Rafah operation, we will freeze the peace agreement with Israel,” Egyptian official declared.

The threat of freezing the peace agreement signals an important shift in diplomatic relations between the two nations.

Egypt, a key player in Middle Eastern politics, has long been committed to maintaining stability in the region.

However, the prospect of Israel proceeding with the Rafah operation appears to have worsen these efforts.

The Rafah operation, a contentious issue between Egypt and Israel, has brought heated debates and raised concerns about potential implications for regional stability.

Egypt’s warning comes as a result of ongoing tensions and calls for diplomatic resolution.

The peace agreement between Egypt and Israel, a pillar of regional diplomacy, has been instrumental in maintaining calm in the region for decades.

However, Egypt’s recent statement suggests that this agreement could end if Israel continues to pursue the Rafah operation.

In response to Egypt’s declaration, Israeli officials have yet to issue a formal statement…..Discover More

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