If Sanusi Lamido Had Resisted When He Was Dethroned. But He Went Quietly Into Goodnight–prof Moghalu

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Professor Kingsley Moghalu, the former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has commented on the current conflict over the Emirship in Kano State. Reflecting on the events surrounding Emir Sanusi’s dethronement by the previous Kano State governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, Moghalu emphasized that Sanusi accepted his fate without resistance and left quietly, understanding the authority of the governor and the legislature at the time.

Moghalu further elaborated on Sanusi’s dignified silence in the face of his removal, acknowledging that Sanusi recognized the legitimate powers wielded by Ganduje and the legislative body, despite the perceived injustice. Sanusi’s response was marked by a composed acceptance of the political dynamics at play.

In his recent post on his official X handle, Moghalu addressed the current reversal of circumstances, noting that now, others find themselves at the mercy of the Kano State Governor, Kabir Yusuf, and the legislature. He expressed empathy for those affected by the latest decisions, suggesting that on a human level, Nigerians can relate to their plight.

However, Moghalu stressed the importance of maintaining peace and order amidst the turmoil. He urged the people of Kano State to prioritize stability and respect the legal foundations underpinning the governor’s and legislature’s actions, despite any personal grievances.

In his own words, Moghalu stated: “If Emir Sanusi had resisted when he was dethroned….but he did not. He went quietly into the good night. He never uttered a word in public against his detractors. Because he understood that, unfair as it was, the then Kano State Governor and Legislature technically had the power.

“Today, the situation is reversed. A word is enough for the wise. We can sympathize at a human level with those affected by the decision of Governor @Kyusufabba and the state legislature, but peace and order should reign. The legal foundation of the decisions cannot be impugned…..Séé Móré

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