If You Have Money Problems Use This Simple Method”- A Spiritual Guided Woman Shares

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When Jesus Christ arose from the dead and left this world, he promised his disciples that he would leave them with a holy spirit. Such people have the wisdom to see things that we cannot see with our own eyes.Some of them help us resolve our problems in a spiritual way. Some of them are called prophets, while some are called sangomas. With the guidance of God and Gods, they help us face life challenges and equip us with spiritual wisdom.

People are going through many problems, but most of them are financial problems. There are people who, no matter how hard they work, never get financial freedom. Some say it’s because they are cursed, while others say it’s because they are not financially wise. To swine, it’s because they just don’t have luck with money. If you are one of them, you should worry not because the famous Facebook sangoma shared tips on how to deal with such problems.

According to Gogo prude, a famous sangoma, if you have money problems, you just take a glass with half water, salt, and an R50 note, R5, R2, and an R1 coin. Put the R50 under the glass and pour 2 and a half spoons of salt into that water. Take those coins and put them one by one on that glass while you are talking about all the problems you have regarding money. After that, take a piece of garlic and break it into 3 pieces. Put those pieces under your pillow for 3 days without removing them. She said, “After this, you will see everything falling into place, you will even see what was wrong.”

In my opinion, many people need this. There are people who are working but you can’t even see because they are always broke. Some just misuse money on useless things. People have been following her ever since…..S££ MOR£

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