If You Received This Message On Your Phone Today, Please Do Not Respond To It, See The Reason Why

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Con artists are likely behind this email, which claims to offer a free car in exchange for your personal information. So, you shouldn’t even bother responding to them.

When he called to tell me I’d won the car, I gave him my name and number to use as a personal reference. After he asked for my Social Security number and bank account information, my suspicions were raised, so I asked if I could wait.

Never give out your personal information over the phone to an unknown person, especially in this day and age when identity thieves are constantly devising new methods to steal your information. I haven’t answered his calls since then.

Scammers frequently employ this strategy, with the most popular plan offering a phone and two T-shirts in exchange for the victim providing money for airtime.

Do not respond to any 079/082 or similar formatted text messages. If you need to get some business done while at the office, a landline is much better than a cell phone……Séé Moré

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If You See This In A Public Bathroom Or Hotel Run Immediately

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