In 1966, A Young Igbo Officer Was Said To Have Led The Coup That Killed Ahmadu Bello—Iwuayanwu

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The Nigerian politician and businessman, Chief Dr. Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, while speaking to the media, stated that it is wrong to assume that all the people of a particular tribe are criminals just because of a single criminal from the tribe. He added that the Igbo are part of Nigeria and it will be unfair to treat them differently.

Speaking further, he stated that in 1966, there was a young Igbo officer who was accused of leading the coup that led to the death of Ahmadu Bello. He added that most people assumed that the Igbo were responsible for the crime, only to find out that the man was not responsible for the death of the Northern region leader.

According to him, If there’s a criminal in Igbo land, don’t say it’s all Igbos, because they have never tried to profile other people in such a manner.” When you have a criminal who belongs to another tribe, we say it’s not bad. But when there is a criminal who commits crime in Igbo land, they say it’s the Igbos. In 1966, a young Igbo officer was said to have led the coup, which we later on discovered that he didn’t lead the coup but everybody profiled that it’s the Igbos that killed Ahmadu Bello…..S££ MOR£

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