Israeli Military Discovers Hamas Rocket Launchers Inside Mosque In Gaza

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According to a report by Times of Israel, Troops from the 460th Armored Brigade, conducting operations on the outskirts of northern Gaza’s Jabaliya, uncovered a cache of rockets and launchers concealed within a mosque, as reported by the military.

The IDF’s discovery of these munitions inside a place of worship adds to the mounting evidence of Hamas’s exploitation of civilian infrastructure for military purposes. This finding underscores the challenges faced by Israeli forces in distinguishing between civilian areas and Hamas strongholds amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

The revelation of rocket launchers within a mosque comes as part of the IDF’s intensified offensive in Jabaliya, initiated earlier this month in response to the reemergence of Hamas operatives in the area.

This discovery highlights the complex and dangerous nature of the military operations being carried out in Gaza, where civilian sites are being used by Hamas for military activities, endangering both Israeli forces and the local population……S££ MOR£

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