Just Imagine Your President Flying Around in a Jet Carrying 30 People Including a Comedian”, Indian TV Reports

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Today, a very shocking report emerged from India exposing how President William Ruto is flying out of the country and misusing public money. According to the report, President William Ruto has embezzled 1.5 million dollars in hiring a private jet which he boarded with 30 people who are of no importance to this flight. “Imagine hearing your President is flying around in a jet carrying 30 people including a comedian to the US” – Indian TV Station ‘First Post TV’

Photo courtesy, image used for evidence purposes only.

Photo courtesy, image used for evidence purposes only.

Shockingly, President William Ruto took his whole family to this visit which was also attended by comedian Butita. Honestly, this isan embezzlement of public money despite heavily taxing Kenyans. Kenyans should wake up and act accordingly to protect their money and end this corrupt regime….S££ MOR£

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