Late General Ejoor, the Man Who Designed the Nigerian Army’s Logo with an Arabic Inscription on it

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Arabic is not a commonly spoken language in Nigeria. Have you ever noticed that the logo for the Nigerian Army has Arabic writing on it? Do you know why that is?

Source: Google

The man who designed the logo for the Nigerian Army was Late Retired General David Ejoor. He was born on January 10, 1932 and is from Ovu in Delta State’s Ethiope East Local Government Area. Ejoor was asked to create a new logo for the Nigerian Army because the old one symbolized the British exploitation of Nigeria’s natural resources.

Source: Google

While looking for inspiration for the new logo, Ejoor remembered a battle in which Sokoto warriors fought alongside British troops and carried the Sultan’s flag, which had an Arabic inscription that read “Victory is From God Alone.” Ejoor decided to include this inscription in the design of the Nigerian Army logo, and that is why it has Arabic writing on it…..S££ MOR£

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