Meet The Man In The Bible Who Was Buried By God Himself And Why

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Christians have asked a lot of questions about what happened to Moses when he passed away. Because they haven’t read the Bible attentively, some people haven’t found answers. Today I’d want to explain what happened after Moses died, and who buried him. Ideally, it will serve you well.

According to Deuteronomy 34:1-7, the Lord took Moses from the Moabite plains to the top of Mount Nebo and Mount Pisgah, where He revealed the entire land of Canaan to him. “This is the country I promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,” he remarked, referring to the region in question. Then the Lord told Moses he couldn’t go.

Moses supposedly died in Moab, as written in the Word of the Lord. So, He sent His angels to a location in Moab to bury Moses there. No one in Israel knew where Moses was buried. He was secretly buried since it would be a sin against the Lord for his body to be turned into an idol……S££ MOR£

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