Meet The Only South African Celebrity Who Is Reportedly A Virgin At 57

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She has performed on the stage, in movies, and on television. Sezar, who performed at both the Market Theater in South Africa and the Oxford Playhouse in the United Kingdom, joined Semoko in George Wolfe’s production of The Hottentot Venus, whose title was the horrifying Sartjie Baartman. The Colored Museum served as the venue for both of these events.

When she learned that she was the only unmarried person in her family, Keketso was reported as saying, “Marriage was definitely not in her mind.” She previously admitted that she was getting ready for marriage, but she never got married. She found this out and said, “Marriage is not my problem”

This performer has never been married, so it’s possible that she is still a virgin; if that’s the case, I find that to be astounding. It can be considered that Keketso is still virgin at this time but she hasn’t verified anything…..S££ MOR£

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