Meet Victoria, The Robot Who Was Created To Give Birth Like A Real Woman ( Photos)

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Meet Victoria, one of most technologically advanced and highly realistic patient simulators on the market.

She bleeds, breathes, and births a baby that is as eerily lifelike as she is. But most importantly, Victoria takes labor-and-delivery training to the next level. Doctors can monitor Victoria’s vital signs and fetal heart tones with real medical equipment.

Photo credit: wsj

Just like human mothers, Victoria’s deliveries don’t always go as planned. Sometimes she has complications. Sometimes she hemorrhages fake blood, via a tank on her hips.

A number of robots and autonomous agents have been created that can emulate human emotions, but the majority of this research focuses on the social domain.

Photo credit: Bbc

For example, if touched on places such as her hands or her hips, she responds with statements such as “I love this” and “nice and gentle”.

However, much like a real person, the robot can show insecurities as well as a fear of rejection, but as she gets more in the mood she can heighten the experience by requesting songs, with one example showing the robot asking to listen to Ed Sheeran’s music.

Photo credit: Google

Victoria blinks, breathes, talks, and bleeds, just like you. Not terribly impressive stuff except that she’s a robot……Séé Móré

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