“My Girlfriend Lęft Me Because I Was Brôke And Anytime She Asked Me For Money, I’ll Tell Her To Ask Her Parents.” Casper Nyovest Says

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My girlfriend left me for a guy that had a C63. I don’t care and I don’t fęel embarrassed and that’s why I am telling you. When we were still datîng, I used to tell her every morning that I wanted a C63. One day, she woke up and said to me “Babe, I need $4k for my hair.” And I was like why don’t you ask your parents. The next day in the evening, she came with her new guy in a C63 to tell me that she’s breakîng up with me. I almost crîed but I didn’t because real men don’t cry for women in public. Then the guy looked at me and said, “brôke men have no business near love.” Then she came up to me and was like I am so much done wîth you, these are your house keys, i love you but you’re brôke. This gîrl used to ride me in będ and I don’t wanna call her name but she is regréting today.” Casper Nyovest

Most women’s affections are monetized. A vvoman’s love is conditional. You will never be played by any vvoman when you realize that a vvoman is only loyal to her feelings not a man’s sacrifice. Such consciousness will help you not to go out of your way to please them…..S££ MOR£

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