My wife, Alexer, got pregnant for someone else while under my roof. I left my girlfriend of over 10yrs to marry her after she maneuvered her way into my life — Singer HarrySong.

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Singer HarrySong recently shared a personal revelation about his marriage to his wife, Alexer. In a heartfelt post, he disclosed that Alexer became pregnant by another man while they were living together.

This betrayal is particularly poignant for HarrySong, as he had ended a long-term relationship of over ten years to marry her. He suggested that Alexer had maneuvered her way into his life, leading him to make significant sacrifices, including leaving his girlfriend.

The revelation highlights the emotional turmoil and sense of betrayal HarrySong feels, as he grapples with the complexities of trust and loyalty in his personal relationships. His candid sharing aims to shed light on his emotional journey and the challenges he faces in the wake of this betrayal…………Séé Móré

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