Netanyahu Vows No Surrender Amid Escalating Conflict With Egypt

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ALBAWABA- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared his resolve to continue the war until all its objectives are met, stating, “I will not surrender, and I will face pressure at home and abroad. 

There is no alternative to an overwhelming victory.” Emphasizing his commitment, Netanyahu reiterated, “I am not ready to end the war before achieving all its goals. We will continue fighting until victory is achieved.”

Netanyahu criticized Hamas, stating, “Pressure must be directed at Hamas. We are fighting forcefully in the north, center, and south of the Gaza Strip.” He also accused Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar of demanding surrender conditions that threaten Israel’s existence, asserting that Sinwar is the main obstacle to the release of kidnapped individuals.

The Prime Minister acknowledged a “catastrophic error” that occurred at Rafah, promising an investigation. He emphasized his commitment to the kidnapped families, saying, “I met with the families of the kidnapped people this morning and promised them that I would spare no effort to return their families to their homes.”

In response, Israeli Opposition Leader Yair Lapid held Netanyahu responsible for what he called “the greatest failure of the Jewish people since the Holocaust.”

Lapid questioned Netanyahu’s continued leadership, highlighting the reduction in the number of kidnapped individuals from 133 to 125 in a week, and arguing, “You are not qualified to remain prime minister.”

This political rift emerged shortly after the Israeli army killed two Egyptian soldiers at the Rafah crossing, escalating tensions between Egypt and Israel.

The incident followed a tragic bombing at the Rafah Refugee Camp, where Israeli airstrikes resulted in the deaths of dozens of children, sparking global outrage over the ongoing conflict in Gaza……Sée Moré

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