Pray With Olive Oil And Salt And Here Is What Will Happen

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Right from the creation of the earth, there are many mysteries which has not being revealed to men. The book of Hosea 1:6 says “  my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you that you shall be no priest to me, seeing you have forgotten the law of your God , I will also forget your children”. The simple thing I want to pick from here is that lack of knowledge about a specific thing puts you in bondage.

Olive oil and salt are very powerful substances that we can harness the power and use through our faith in God. Do you know the simple reason why olive oil is specifically used for prayer and deliverance? Do you know why the bible says “you are the salt and light of the world?”, these are some of the mysteries we will be disclosing today.

Salt and olive oil are very powerful and when used with faith can perform wonders in your life. Below is how to prepare.

Get a bottle of olive oil and some quantity of salt.

Now pray on them.

Put the salt in your hands and say these prayers “ everlasting father in heaven, I thank you for this substance in my hands, father I pray that every evil manipulation from anyone over my life will come to pass if that person has never tasted salt before else it will go back to sender”. Add your other prayer intentions and pray with the power of the substance in your hands.

Hold the olive oil and your hands and say “father I thank you for this oil in my hands, I pray may your power fall on this oil in Jesus name. Father lord, as I use this oil, may every closed door open in my life in Jesus name. It shall be from glory to glory for me in Jesus name”. Add your other private intention with faith.

After making these powerful declarations, pour the salt into the olive oil and mix it. I want you to now know that the oil is no longer an ordinary one but a consecrated one.

You can use the oil in the following ways

1.    Use a drop of it on your head before sleeping in the nigh for protection.

2.    You can take a cup of it for any disease that is resisting treatment.

3.    Use it and make a sign of the cross on your vehicle before going out with it.

4.    Put some in your drinking water for God’s purification.

5.    You can anoint your door step with if for God’s divine protection over your home.

6.    Since it is already consecrated, you can use it for other purposes.

Please, I want you to do this thing with faith. Don’t just doubt it because even Jesus Christ in the bible used ashes and saliva to heal a blind man so there are power in substances.

As you do this with faith, I pray may the almighty God answer you in Jesus name……Séé Móré

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