Putin Should Not Travel To Iran Alone, He Should Go With Heavy Security Measures And An Escort Of 4 Sukhoi 35 Planes

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In a recent development, Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to travel to Iran under heavy security measures, accompanied by an escort of four Sukhoi 35 planes, as reported by Globe Eye News.

Putin’s visit is in response to the recent death of Iranian President Raisi, whose funeral ceremony he will participate in.

The decision to deploy the Sukhoi 35 planes underlines the importance of Putin’s visit and the emphasis on security measures during his trip to Iran.

The presence of the Russian president at Raisi’s funeral highlights the diplomatic ties between Russia and Iran, as well as Putin’s desire to pay respects to the late Iranian leader.

The funeral ceremony for Raisi is expected to be a high occasion, attended by dignitaries and leaders from around the world, reflecting the impact of his presidency both domestically and internationally.

Putin’s participation in the funeral signifies Russia’s commitment to maintaining strong relations with Iran and offering condolences during this period of mourning.

The presence of the Sukhoi 35 planes serves as a reminder of the importance of security in high-profile diplomatic visits, especially in regions with geopolitical tensions…..S££ MOR£

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