Reasons Why Dead People Are Buried Six Feet Under The Ground

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The practice of burying dead bodies six feet under the ground has been a common tradition for centuries. There are several reasons why this depth is deemed appropriate, including:

1. Prevention of scavenging animals.

One of the primary reasons why people started burying their dead six feet under the ground is to prevent scavenging animals from digging up the graves and disturbing the bodies. At this depth, the decomposing bodies are far enough from the surface, making it difficult for animals to dig and reach them.

2. Hygiene and sanitation.

Another reason for burying bodies six feet under the ground is to promote hygiene and sanitation. Decomposing bodies release harmful bacteria and pathogens into the surrounding environment, which can pose a risk to public health. Burying the bodies deep enough can help to minimize the spread of these diseases and prevent contamination of nearby water sources.

3. Cultural and religious beliefs.

Finally, the depth at which bodies are buried is often influenced by cultural and religious beliefs. Many cultures and religions have specific burial customs and rituals that dictate the depth and orientation of thee grave. For instance, in some cultures, bodies are buried facing Mecca, while in others, the head is placed towards the west….Séé Móré

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