Rocket Behind Us Is Just The Latest Example Of How Ayatollah’s Terror Regime Threatens World—Ohana

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In a recent statement on Twitter, Israeli Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana, accompanied by US Senator Lindsey Graham, highlighted the ongoing threats posed by Iran to global peace and stability. The tweet showcased a missile launched by Iran into Israel, serving as a stark reminder of the tensions in the Middle East.

Ohana referred to the missile as a symbol of the “Ayatollah’s terror regime,” emphasizing the urgent need for international attention to Iran’s nuclear program, which he claims has reached a critical point. His message comes at a time when Iran’s nuclear capabilities have been a subject of intense international scrutiny and negotiations.

The Knesset Speaker expressed hope that the global community would recognize the severity of the situation following the death of a high-ranking Iranian official, often referred to as the “butcher of Tehran.” Ohana’s use of this term reflects the contentious relationship between Israel and Iran, further complicated by Iran’s alleged progress in nuclear technology.

Ohana’s call to action was directed towards the “free world,” urging unity and decisive action…..Séé Móré

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