Say This Prayer If You Feel You Are Not Making Progress In Life, Business Or Relationship

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Divine Source of all creation,
I come to you in times of struggle and uncertainty.
Grant me the strength to persevere when progress seems elusive.
Guide my steps and illuminate my path,
So that I may move forward with clarity and purpose.

Grant me the wisdom to learn from setbacks and failures,
And the courage to embrace change and growth.
Help me to release fears and doubts that hold me back,
And to cultivate faith in my abilities and potential.

Bless my endeavors in life, business, and relationships,
And may they be aligned with my highest good.
Grant me the patience to trust in divine timing,
And the resilience to overcome obstacles along the way.

Fill me with gratitude for the lessons learned
And the blessings yet to come.
May I be a beacon of light and love in the world,
And may my journey inspire others to pursue their dreams.

In your infinite grace and compassion,
I surrender my worries and burdens unto you.
Thank you for your guidance and support,
Now and always. Amen…..See More

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