See The Worst Dressed County Governor Who Don’t Care About Dressing Code (Photos)

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Clothing are an item worn on the body of human beings. The amount and type of clothing worn depend on gender, body type, social factors among others.

Cyprin Awiti is a second-term governor of Homa Bay County, Kenya. He has been hitting news headlines due to his mode of dressing which does not go well with Kenyans. The governor seems not to care much about ridicules and mockery from some people who say he like rocking worse and weird attire as compared to his counterparts.

Awiti has zero sense of fashion and is always being discussed in social media groups due to his epic fashion flops. He needs a new stylist and tailor to get rid of his oversized bugging shirts, trousers, shoes, and blazers.

Home Bay residents say their governor has pressing issues that need to be tackled and his mode of dressing is a non-issue to them. They say he is their governor was not elected to go for fashion shows and competent but to serve them. Some people argue that his bad attire is a direct reflection of poor leadership and amounts to a total letdown to the people of Homa Bay..………….S££ MOR£

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