The Hidden Truth You Don’t Know About Jehova Withnesses That You Need to Know Today, Check It Out

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You ‘d be fascinated to study that Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW) emerged as a department of the Bible Student motion that fashioned amongst fans of Christian Restorationist preacher, Charles Taze Russell, withinside the United States withinside the 1870s.

In 1881 Bible Student missionaries have been despatched to England and in 1900 in London the primary department of distant places turned into opened. The institution took at the call of the International Association of Bible Students, and turned into additionally lively in Canada, Germany, Australia and different nations with the aid of using 1914.

However, after Russell ‘s demise in 1916, the motion break up into numerous rival organisations, one led with the aid of using Russell ‘s successor, Joseph “Judge” Rutherford, Retaining manage of his mag The Watch Tower, in addition to his felony and publishing company The Watch Tower Bible and the Pennsylvania Tract Society.

Under the management of Rutherford, important doctrinal adjustments have been carried out with the aid of using the International Bible Students Association which ended in numerous long-time period participants leaving the organisation.

The institution regreted rapidly, with the advent of recent strategies of preaching particularly withinside the mid-1930s. In 1931, it followed the call Jehovah’s Witnesses, similarly breaking ties with in advance adherents of Russell.


Too many scandals have arisen round Charles Taze Russel ‘s underground lifestyle. Russell turned into the primary to be a Freemason. All the early watchtower and books he posted have symbology and symbolism of Freemason throughout them.

Before I examine all approximately Freemasons and the so-called “Illuminati,” a network of thirteen households who allegedly rule the universe, I taken into consideration now no longer a large deal.

Many of those households are the DuPonts, Mcdonalds, Kennedys, Onassis, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, China’s Li dynasty, and so forth and they all have their hands in funding banking , finance, technology, etc.

Its aim is to dominate all and sundry else sincerely with the aid of using influencing society to apprehend at a few degree one global government (New World Order, UN), which they might rule via its already wonderful diploma of energy.

Much of the structure and formality at Freemason is primarily based totally on Egyptology. Some suppose that the identical institution of folks who dominated Egypt have interbred with different critical households round the sector for hundreds of years so one can keep a monopoly on energy and economics, and the Freemason way of life is how they hold networking and hold their bloodlines pure.

Here is for me the best kicker. I turned into doing a little harmless studies on Jehovah ‘s Witnesses simply to don’t forget the antique days after I got here upon the truth that Charles T. Russell, the daddy of JWs, turned into an ex-Freemason. The Russells are one of the thirteen Illuminati recognized households, too. More so, the Witnesses followed the New World Translation (NWT) model for his or her authentic Bible according with the New World Order agenda.

Both early watchtowers and JW books have symbology of Freemason at the cover. At first, no large deal, right? Incorrect. You have a super union among the 2 whilst you integrate the cause among freemasonry, or the Illuminati, with the lessons of Jehovah’s Testimonies.

The whole goal of JWs is largely to look an cease to prepared faith and governments. Just what the Illuminati want! So, they ‘re attempting difficult to influence human beings to put together for it beforehand of time…..S££ MOR£

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