We Provided Boreholes With Tank So People Can Get Water And You Are Saying It Is Substandard -tanko Yunusa

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Tanko Yunusa, spokesperson for former presidential candidate, Peter Obi in the last election has once again defended Obi over the heavy criticisms he received because of the boreholes he donated to some northern communities

In a video shared on YouTube by Sahara TV, Yunusa addressed the allegations that the boreholes were substandard, stating that they are similar to those found in people’s homes and equipped with tanks for water storage. He questioned the criteria for determining standards. He contrasted the low cost of the boreholes with the federal government’s expenditure on similar projects and praised Obi’s prudence. He said Obi’s actions demonstrate a genuine interest in improving the lives of citizens

In Yunusa’s words: “We provided boreholes with tank so people can get water and you are saying it is substandard. What is the standard for God’s sake? Is it the painting that matters or the water that the people need? We provided the boreholes, they are the lowest done in every particular location compared to what the federal government is spending about 198 million. It shows you prudence, achievement, and interest in the Nigerian people. That was exactly what Peter Obi was doing…..S££ MOR£

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