Whenever Saidaboj Wants To Talk She Says Stuff Like “I, Me” Like She States Her Own Standard, Not Your Own – Lady Says

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A lady has shows support for Saidaboj using her Facebook handle, according to her words,

Whenever Saidaboj wants to talk she says stuff like “I, ME”

Like she states HER OWN standard, not your own

So why are you crying so much over it?

She said she wants a rich man and you are not happy about it, you are having sleepless nights because of it

Why does it border you so much?

This is someone you might not even meet till you kpai 

So why e dey pepper your body? E get guys wey set notification for her post, any time she drop video, they’re the first to mount there with tears, why do you guys really get obsessed?

The same gum body una do for Cindy

I want to ask, if she said “I want to date a broke man, if a man is rich, I won’t date him”

Would y’all be crying like this?

Anyways saidaboj is a content creator and needs to use cIout for her business cause cIout is what pays her but you are crying over it how else did you think she bought her car?

Saidaboj is monetized on her social media platform so she’s using the tool well…..Séé Móré

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