Who Does That? Meet Police Officer Who Allegedly Slapped Moi Twice During The Kenyatta Regime

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His name is James Mungai . He was a powerful Police Commandant in charge of the Rift Valley Province during the Kenyatta regime. Not only was he from the then president’s tribe but he was also rumoured to be related to Mzee Kenyatta. At the time, Daniel Arap Moi was contemptuously regarded as an outsider in Kenyatta’s exclusively Kikuyu inner circle.

Although Moi was legally Mungai’s senior, the police commandant – like other powerful Kikuyu government officials – enjoyed humiliating Moi. According to sources,it is said that on two occasions Mungai slapped Moi in the face in front of President Kenyatta at State House Nakuru. As fate would have it, Kenyatta passed on before the constitution could be amended – effectively making Moi the reluctant and unwanted heir.Even as he was being sworn into power, Moi was still afraid of the Kikuyu mafia. Shortly after Moi assumed power, Mungai took a long and rough road trip from Nakuru to Lokitaung where he fled to Sudan and later flew to exile in Switzerland.

Two months in Switzerland, Mungai could not handle the cold winter weather.He wrote numerous letters pleading for mercy and when he sensed Moi was not keen on revenge, he flew back to the country.Fortunately for him, Moi was not interested in revenge and the expolice commandant was allowed to retire in peace.The now elderly Mungai lives in a vast farm in Nakuru where he does commercial farming – breeding horses and rearing dairy cows…..S££ MOR£

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