Why Are We Celebrating Iran’s President’s Death Knowing That He Died A Painful Death

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People should stop celebrating Iran’s president’s death, especially knowing that he died a painful death, for several important reasons.

Celebrating someone’s painful death is not kind. Even if the president did bad things, it is not right to be happy about someone suffering. Everyone, no matter what they did, is still a human being. Feeling happy about their pain makes us less compassionate and more cruel. It’s better to be kind and respectful, even to those who have hurt us.

Celebrating death can make things worse. It can cause more anger and hate. If people see others celebrating the death of someone they supported or cared about, it can make them very upset. This can lead to more fighting and violence, instead of helping people come together and solve problems.

It doesn’t help with healing and moving forward. When people focus on celebrating death, they are stuck in the past and in their anger. This makes it hard to find peace and to work towards a better future. Instead, we should focus on how to make things better, help those who were hurt, and make sure that the same mistakes don’t happen again.

There are better ways to deal with the death of a controversial leader. Instead of celebrating, people can work for justice in a fair way. This means making sure that wrong actions are recognized and that there are consequences, but in a legal and peaceful manner. It also means supporting those who suffered and helping to rebuild and improve society…….S££ MOR£

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