Yoruba Man Saved My Dad When He Was Attacked In Zaria During Civil War – Lady Chikwue Ochiagha

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A legal practitioner, Lady Chikwue Ochiagha, who is the Registrar of the Diocese of Lagos Mainland, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) since 2006, the chairman of the Synod Planning Committee of the diocese since 2007, during an interview with The Nigerian Tribune, revealed how a Yoruba man saved her father’s life in Kaduna State during the civil war.

Narrating what happened, she said that her dad narrowly escaped being killed, according to the story her dad told them while they were growing up. Her dad was an Igbo union leader in Zaria, Kaduna State, as at the time the civil war happened. So, he stayed back to make sure that other Igbo people were safely taken away from Zaria back to their respective state.

She said, “So, even when my mother was crying “please come with us. I have these little ones I am carrying,” my father said no with the assurance that he would travel to Anambra later. So, my mother left with us, but he stayed back to make sure others were safely moved out of Zaria.”

Chikwue Ochiagha, alleged that on that fateful day, her late dad told them (children) that the assailants came for him, because he was somehow prominent in the community. Her dad was in the backyard, in her mother’s garden when the assailants started jumping into the compound.

She claimed that the first person who jumped into their compound and went into the house did not see her father but it was the third person, who later saw him when he looked towards the garden where he was and he raised an alarm.

She said many people were killed right inside that house but her father narrowly escaped by jumping over the fence and then he ran.

She added, “And luckily, it was a Yoruba man that rescued him. Yes. He took him in and put him inside a box (used for storing clothes) where he passed the night. The assailants followed him to that man’s house. They searched the house but they could not find him and they left……Sée Moré

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