Breakthrough as Man Who Attacked Police Officer Found Hiding in Girlfriend’s House

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The man who brutally attacked a traffic police officer has been apprehended after being surrounded and brought out of hiding from his girlfriend’s house. His arrest comes in the wake of the search after a man was captured on a video brutally assaulting his girlfriend which went viral on the social media.

A leaked video on-going viral on social media depicts the suspect as he ruthlessly attacks the policeman with blows and kicks before shoving the man into a hole. This happened after the tendered officer tried to prevent the motorist from undertaking an unlawful U-turn, and causing an obstruction to other traffic in Kamiti Road.

Based on a Police Abstract received by Kenyans. co. ke, the altercation started when the cop noticed the motorist’s infringement and opened the door of his vehicle to order the driver to move to the station. But the event unfolded rather fast when the driver started to attack the police officer.

The harmed policeman was extricated from a crowd and was first admitted to a nearby clinic. He was later taken to Mama Lucy Hospital for further treatment following the extent of his injuries.

Contrary to this they said that the suspect was found to have been in his girlfriend’s house since the time of the said event in a bid to escape arrest. People have applauded his arrest and shown relief following the case after different periods.

This ugly incident has elicited heats on the social sites and many Kenyans have urged the government to take drastic measures to ensure traffic policemen are protected. While some have argued that traffic officers should carry firearms so as to have adequate means of standing firm against such brutal incidences…………Víéw Móré

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