Check Out 5 Famous Nigerian Celebrities That Don’t Believe In God

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Some people believe that religion is a spiritual and they don’t believe in God existence,we call the atheism.

We have some famous people in Nigeria that belong to this group,they believe that hardworking lead them to where they are today.

Here are the list of 5 Nigerian that don’t believe in God existence.

1.Pro Wole Soyinka:

Wole Soyinka is the one of the African icon and Nobel prize winner.Hr was from a Christian background.He never believe that God is in existence. Oh and for those who says he worships ogun , yeah duh he is from ogun , and hell yeah would I give respect to my gods if I’m wole soyinka , if you have read wole soyinka quote on religion and God in general I believe you would think twice thinking he is a ververt ogun worshipper

2. Bisi Alimi:

He is the one of the popular gay activities in Nigeria and whole Africa.He do fight for people who share the same believe with him. In 2018,in an interview he boldly said that he doesn’t believe in God existence,he believes in his husband because he see,tough and feel him.

3.Seun Kuti:

The afrobeat star and one of the late Fees Anikulapo Kuti son is one of the celebrity that does not believe in God.

4. Leo Igwe:

Leo Igwe is popular Nigerian human rights advocates.He specialized in complain against child witchcraft and accusations,he does not believe in God.

5. Seun Osewa:

Seun Osewa is the Creator and founder of popular online forum Nairaland.Seun doesn’t believe in Jesus or God he believes that his achievement and success are from his hard work and not from God.….Sée Àll

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