Check Out Female Idoma Names And Their Meanings

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Are you looking for a beautiful Idoma name for your little baby girl? Below are over 70 female Idoma names and their meanings in English language. You can check male Idoma names here.

Female Idoma Name – Meaning In English

Abahi – Enjoyment

Achieni – Unexpected

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Agbenu – Treasure/ A Child is wealth

Akoche – Mine

Akotukum – My heart desire

Akum – Mine

Aladi – New beginnings

Aneh – Precious

Anyaole – Women make a home

Ebo – Peace

Edoka – A question has been asked

Eghahik’owoicho – Beauty of God
Ehi – Gift

Ehik’owoicho – God’s gift/ Sent from God

Ekoche – My own

Ekondu – Belongs to God

Eko’ondu Gbe – The Lord’s time is great

Ekowo – God’s time

Elakeche – World’s mystery

Ema – Peace

Emiene – God’s plan

Enayi – Mother of Children

Eneh – Mother

Enekole – Mother of the family

Enewa – Mother of multitude

Enoche – King’s Mother

Enyanwu – Sun goddess

Igbe – My share/ Mine

Igweye – The people felt joyous about something

Ihotu – Love

Ihotukum – My love

Ijewoda – Money brings pride

Ikwulonu – Death hurts

Iyowoichofe – God has a greater plan

Nmakani – Too much Surprise

Obiabo – Generous/ Giver

Obiye – Comforter

Ochanya – Queen

Ochejife – A person is worth more than money

Ochoyama – God’s doing

Odachi – Miracle

Odaleko – There’s a season for everything

Oganya – Leader of women

Ogodo – Mother of all mothers

Ogwa – Plenty/Abundance

Ojonya – Beauty

Oka – Royal bead

Okah – Princess

Oloha – A blessing bearer

Olohi – Righteous/ Good person

Olotuche – Faithful person

Oloture – Endurance

Onyabahi – Luxurious woman

Onyaechi – Wife of gods of the Land

Onyaomale – Wisdom

Onyeche – Nobody wants to be relegated

Onyechi – Charming wife

Onyeje – Who knows tomorrow

Onyejeche – Who knows the world

Onyemowo – Who knows tomorrow

Onyeyibo – Beautiful child

Onyikpechi – Daughter of harmattan

Onyiloko – Woman of stong virtues

Onyocho – God’s wife

Oofuni – God’s grace is not gotten by force

Owagoyi – Only God can give a child

Owole – Child of destiny

Owoloyi – All children belong to God

Owonya – Saved by grace

Oya – Friend

Oyanwole – Good wife makes a home

Oyibinga – I will endure all for a child

Oyife – A Child is greater than wealth

Oyilonye – Child is sweet

Oyiweche – A child is life

Oyiwoda – A child is a source of pride

Ugboga – Visitor/ guest….Díscóver Móre

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