I was surprised when I saw one bad area boy in Sokoto wearing Road Safety uniform -Muhammad Abubakar

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The Sultan of Sokoto, Brigadier General Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III (Retd), has shared his concerns about the recruitment process in the Nigerian Army. He suggested that the army should involve traditional rulers in the recruitment process, as they know their communities well and can identify bad people.

In a video shared on YouTube by Channels TV, General Abubakar recounted an incident in Sokoto where he encountered someone with a bad reputation who joined the Road Safety Corps. He said he was shocked to see the person in uniform, knowing his bad reputation. He emphasized that some criminals use forged documents to get into various services, including the army which can harm the integrity and safety of the institutions they infiltrate.

In General Abubakar’s words: “I was shocked one day when I saw one bad area boy in Sokoto wearing Road Safety uniform. I said what are you doing, he said I joined Road Safety. I said I am sorry for the road users. He is a very bad boy, and I know him. How did he get into Road Safety…Continue Reading>>>

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