Jollof Rice Is Not Originally From Ghana Or Nigeria, See Where It’s Originated From

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Everyone knows it, almost everybody loves it. It is the main delicacy of any party, from wedding ceremony to burial. Jollof Rice is not popular to Nigeria alone but to every country in West Africa and even out of it. But every food has it history, and you will be blown away about the origin of this food and how it got its name.

NO!, It is not originally from Ghana neither is it from Nigeria. It is originally from Wolof Empire also known as Jolof empire, an empire that existed during the 14th century in the Senegambian region, as you can see the food got it name from there. The cuisine later spread to other part of West Africa through the traders from the Great Mali Empire. Fast forward to the present day, the food is so popular that it lead to National rivalry between Nigerians and Ghanaians on who has the best variety of the food…..Continue Reading>>>

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