Living In A Hotel Is Cheaper Than Paying Rent” – Nigerian Man Gives Reason

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A Nigerian man has come online to publicly share his observation about the cost of living in a rented apartment versus a hotel.

He iterated the benefit of staying in a hotel over renting a place which includes good location, security, stable light, maintenance fees, feeding, access to modern and better utilities, and other services.

To him, these listed things drain money and are not even included in the house rent. He calculated how much each would cost and affirmed that it was more than the cost of lodging in a hotel.

Hotels are cheaper and affordable but he said he knew many would disagree with his view because they are traditional. And of course, many strongly oppose his opinion.

Some netizens wonder if the price he pays at his hotel is the same as other hotels across the country. They argue that some hotels’ day fees are costlier than a year’s rent…..Sée Móre

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