Man Injures Girlfriend During Love Session In Bed After She Allegedly Said This to Him

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Cases of premature deaths among young adults have been heard, reported and vividly increasing on a daily basis across different counties here in Kenya. Most of these death cases are connected and associated with love wrangles, accidents, murder, diseases etc. According to the latest news report by a reliable news source through Facebook social media platform, a 21 year old man has killed his 30 year old girlfriend during love session in Bed.

The victim was hacked and injured after moan and mentioning the name of her alleged side chick. The suspect became angry and killed her instantly.

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.Here are some of the comments among Kenyans on social media platforms,

Kenyans on social media shared their different opinions and thoughts concerning that incident whereby section of netizens have warned young adults on consequences of relationships…..DISC∅V£R M∅R£

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