Most Wanted Hitman Killed, Chochocho

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A body of a man found lying with multiple gun shots on the body in Chochocho village near Acornhoek under Mhala policing area on Tuesday the 11 of June.The body is believed to belonging to the most wanted hitman in Bushbuckridge.The deceased is known as Shakira from Marite near Hazyview.He is believed to be the man behind many assassinated many victims during his time including of the chief sister who was killed recently at McDonald’s drive thrue in Hazyview last week Thursday night.

It alleged that he was the most dangerous hitman in Mpumalang.He is also believed to be man who assassinated the principal of Ben Matlushe secondary in Casteel circuit.The school principal was shot with more than seven bullets while leaving his home in Whitecity village in Acornhoek to work.The good looking young man was hiding from the police for some time now and his last last hiding place was Chochocho where he was killed……Review More

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