My Pastor Shows Me Three Powerful Psalms That No Enemy Can Stand, See It

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Psalm 59:12 Let them even take joy in the dreadful things that they say and what comes out of their mouths, as well as in the rebuking and lying that they say.

Tune 109: 28 When they come to light, they should feel embarrassed, but you should celebrate the victory. Let them have it, but the advantage is yours.

Psalm 109:29 Permit it to my adversaries to envelop themselves in humiliation and the weight of their own predicament, and in the same way, let them envelop themselves in a mantle.

Make use of this request to bring out the best in this song and finish it.


1. In the name of Jesus, may all the scrutiny that has been placed on my life be taken away.

2. If there are any specialists in obscurity who have gathered for my sake, Lord Jesus, may you bring an unsettling influence into their midst for the sake of Jesus.

After discovering that his storm basement held this, the man decides to leave his home and move elsewhere.

3. If I have any inherited dreams following my life, I pray that they are burned up in the name of Jesus.

4. I pray that any terrible things that are inherited in my life will be destroyed by fire for the sake of Jesus.

5. Father, Master Jesus: Anyone who would refute me, of which I am unaware, may they be clad in humiliation for Jesus…..Séé Móré

Séé The Only Man That Jesus Said He Will Not Die Until His Second Coming

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