Nato is Mobilizing Hundreds of Troops!World War Will BreakOut

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The United States maintains approximately 100,000 troops in Europe, which is insufficient for waging war but adequate for a deterrent presence. In the event of a conflict with Russia, NATO would need to mobilize a significant number of combat-ready troops, which it currently lacks. The 300,000-strong rapid deployment force exists only in theory. As a peacetime military alliance, NATO faces challenges in moving troops from ports to Eastern Europe.

Historical logistics allowed for troop movement from NATO ports in Western Europe to the front lines in Germany. However, with NATO’s expansion to the Russian border, including Poland, the Baltic states, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania, the necessary infrastructure is lacking. Previously, Europe could deploy an additional 250,000 to 300,000 troops within ten days, but today’s capabilities are limited.

Reinforcements would require sea transport to ports like Hamburg, followed by land transport across multiple national borders, a process complicated by customs clearance and potential bottlenecks. Current highways and bridges are not reinforced for large-scale military movements, and there is no redundancy; if a critical bridge is destroyed, there is no alternative route. The logistics of moving troops to countries like Romania remain unresolved.

German highways lead to a German frontline. Now, they have to cross borders. NATO hasn’t figured out how to move troops from one nation to the next, how to do customs clearance, or how to avoid bottlenecks. None of their highways or bridges have been reinforced to handle large-scale military movement, so even once they allow it to happen, the infrastructure would collapse.

There’s no redundancy, meaning that if there’s one bridge over the river that your army needs to cross and the Russians blow up that bridge, you don’t have a Plan B. How do you get troops to Poland, Romania, or Finland now that Finland has joined? NATO is now doing exercises; for instance, in Norway, landing a couple of hundred American, Finnish, and Norwegian Marines. They wanted to get them to Finland by going from Norway over the mountains, down through Sweden, and up into Finland to the frontline.

They realized the infrastructure doesn’t exist. So if Russia were to go to war with Finland, NATO couldn’t reinforce Finland even though they promised they could. Now they have to spend money building superhighways, new bridges, port facilities, and then they have to plan what happens when an important port no longer exists because the Russians took it out.

Germans who agree to be stationed overseas then have to be equipped, which means they have to build new tanks and armored vehicles. Except they can’t, because America blew up the Nord Stream pipeline, which brought in cheap gas, which allowed the steel plants to produce steel. Those steel plants had to shut down because they can’t afford to produce steel. Germany can’t make steel to make tanks; they can’t make the tanks to build the battalions. This is all of NATO; it’s a disaster like this. It’s just one big giant cluster—you know what.

I think what happened here is somebody looked in there and said, ‘We need to nip this madness in the bud. Let’s reveal this plan so that Scott Ritter can mock it on Jimmy Dore’s show and kill it.’ And so that’s what this is.

This isn’t anything to actually be afraid of; we can’t do it. That’s like me, Jimmy, that’s like you saying, ‘Okay Jimmy, tonight I’m announcing that I’m going to build a space rocket and I’m going to go to Mars.’ And you’re like, ‘My God, if Scott goes to Mars, that’ll disrupt the universal balance. We’re all…’ Scott ain’t going to Mars because Scott can’t build a rocket. NATO can’t do anything that’s on that headline; they can’t do any of that.

So, Biden recently gave the go-ahead for Ukraine to go ahead and attack targets inside Russia. Is that actually a major escalation? And I saw Medvedev kind of hint that this could turn nuclear; is that also something we should worry about? This is where I have to get really serious right now because I try to answer things—I mean, I answer it honestly—but like that headline is a joke. So I bring humor into it.

You know the Bulletin of American Atomic Scientists? They have this thing called the Doomsday Clock, and recently they set it at 90 seconds. They said we’re 90 seconds until midnight. I’m here to tell you right now that if you were being honest about the Doomsday Clock, you would set it at 1 millisecond to midnight. And what I mean by that is as you and I are speaking right now, this is the most dangerous situation the world has found itself in since the Cuban Missile Crisis. We are this close to a thermonuclear war……DISC∅V£R M∅R£

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